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Glutamine Adverse Effects Exposed

2011 September 30
Posted by musclegainnetwork

In case you are one of those individuals who desperately want to gain muscle mass, then undoubtedly you would want to give a try to every supplement available in the market, including glutamine. Just as the other supplements nowadays, you can never be guaranteed that you will be free from glutamine side effects.

It is very important that you get to be familiar with the product in detail with whatever supplement you want to use. You have to do this simply because you will never be happy to experience any harm due to side effects and also harmful interactions, either physical or internal. Good thing it is not far too late for you to be aware of those uncomfortable glutamine side effects. Read further more and you’ll know all the things about glutamine supplement and also its particular side effects.

Facts about Glutamine

For one to know what exactly glutamine side effects  are, it is indeed a very important move to begin it with understanding all details of glutamine. Let’s begin it this way, glutamine is known as a specific amino acid that has this very important job of boosting one’s immune system function.

It will be possible to veer away from illness and quickly recover from workout sessions with glutamine. This actually also helps prevent muscle breakdown and also promote HGH production. With glutamine, it will be simpler for you to manage and take care of everyday life stressors. Generally, glutamine can amazingly increase your day to day life.

Glutamine Side Effects to Take Note Of

Based on reports, there are actually lots of people using glutamine nowadays. And please note; there is really no single bad feedback relating to this product. Glutamine side effects are more unlikely to take place because its key ingredients come from natural protein foods. Individuals who overload with regards to dosage are the only ones at risk of minor side effects like bloating and constipation.

Those with pre-existing liver and kidney problems must be cautious when taking the supplement. These people are prone to experience glutamine side effects. Take into account that glutamine is an amino acid. Organs will normally filter amino acids. Excessive amino acids will certainly overwhelm these organs which makes them function improperly. Those with bipolar disorder could also suffer from manic episodes if glutamine is taken overly.

Preventing Glutamine Side Effects

Glutamine side effects can still be prevented in several ways. Just be sure you never dare take glutamine without consulting your physician about your overall health status first. It is best to be checked than not. Second, always start with a lower dose for you to be safe. Five grams each day will do.

However, if you’re under medical care, a higher dosage should be observed. In instances where you want is only to enhance performance, 10 to 20 grams daily is a good start. A good way to avoid undue glutamine side effects is to take half the dose after workout and the other half will be taken just before sleeping.

Without a doubt, glutamine is really a safe supplement to take. You just have to be aware with the dosage and you will spare yourself from the glutamine side effects.

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Post-Workout Meal: A Must-Have or Not?

2011 September 21
Posted by musclegainnetwork

A successful muscle building requires constant and proper workout. However, don’t be too confident with that alone. Gaining muscle mass can never be successfully achieved without coupling it up with a wise post-workout meal. Don’t get yourself wrong from thinking that your obligation for your muscle gain ends after you have stepped out of the gym.

Torn muscle tissues are caused by lifting heavy weights. This can also cause stress on the muscles tissues. You have to prevent your muscles from breaking down so as to get stronger and larger muscles, or else you will just have the opposite result. To rebuild your muscles, providing the second element to muscle gain is necessary – post workout meal. Your chances to build muscle successfully becomes clearer once you have wiser mixtures of post-workout meal. A reliable post-workout plan must be made up of the following:

Macronutrients and Calories are Major Requisites

It is necessary to consider calorie and macronutrient composition in your post-workout meal. The correct amount of calorie and macronutrient intake may vary depending on each one’s body weight, calorie requirement, workout hours, and how fast you want your goal to be achieved. You will need as much as 400-600 calories in your post-workout meal if you are undergoing intense training. After one hour, you’ll want to follow it with another solid meal in order to unite the nutritional process you have from your post-workout.

On your very first work-out meal, get foods that are high in carbs and protein. It will be better if you’ll take it this way: 30-50 grams of protein and get the rest from carbs based on your calorie requirement.

Foods to Include in Your Post-Workout Meal

Easy and fast to digest protein and carbs needs to be a part of your post-workout meal. High level of insulin is great for muscle growth. So, your main goal is to get stable blood sugar and boost it up after your workout.

White fish, whey isolate protein powder and even egg are great protein sources. These food selections must be a part of your post-workout meal. White bread, dextrose, white bagels, maltodextrin and sugary cereals will also be perfect sources of carbs. For the post-workout meal, it is far better to have a 100 % pure glucose than fruits.

Additional Food Supplements

To be able to gain muscle, it is strongly recommended that you simply include supplements in your post-workout meal. Those who add supplements such as creatine and glutamine into their post-workout meal will certainly gain muscle. These dietary supplements would allow you to gain muscle mass in several ways.

Proper Post-Workout Meal Timing

There is absolutely no reason for you to rush your shake within a span of two seconds before getting into the fitness center. Yes, timing is needed yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Complete it in 15 to 30 minutes and then worry nothing. Well then, your ready to go for workout.

You can finally understand that perfect body and this will no longer remain just a dream. It is possible to have that through consistent workouts combined with the proper post-workout meal plan. See more here.

Proven Methods on How to Build Lean Muscle

2011 September 14
Posted by musclegainnetwork

Would wish to achieve that beautiful body. To develop their bodies with lean muscles, that’s all they actually wanted. But, there’s no easy way to that. It demands your determination as well as patience in order to reach the desired results.

If you wish to get started, you should first acquaint yourself with the fundamentals concerning how to build lean muscle. Before that, you should first begin with self-assessment. You may do some self-assessment by thinking about the kinds of food that you take in. Your daily calorie intake also needs to be reviewed. And finally, you may have to further assess the time you are spending at the health club. These are the three things to consider to determine if you are doing the right things in developing leaner muscles. Here, you will learn the simplest and the fastest way on how to build lean muscle.

How to Build Lean Muscle: Compound Workout Routines

You should do routine workouts not just for the sake of going to a health club. When you workout, perform routine exercises which stimulate muscle groups instead of a single muscle. If you wish to know how to build lean muscle through one of the fastest ways, you can perform compound workouts. Compound workouts include things like pull-ups, squats, bench presses, deadlifets and many more.

How to Build Lean Muscle: Gradually Increase Weight Lifting

Weight lifting activities will probably stimulate your body to build lean muscles. However, the thing is that most men would tend to compare the weight capacity they can lift. This shouldn’t be the thing. Whenever you lift weights, you only lift those within your capacity and please remember not to go beyond borders. This will allow your body to adapt to it and produce lean muscles. It is possible to determine that you are lifting the right weight if you can complete 8-12 reps and still stay in good shape. Between 7 to 12 reps is great for those who want to build lean muscles and between 1 to 6 reps are for people who want to gain muscle strength.

How to Build Lean Muscle: Extensive Workouts Cannot Assure you to Build Muscle Mass

Building lean muscles does not always mean having to engage into extensive workouts. You have to practice sticking with the three-day rule. Give yourself breaks between workouts to let your body to repair and build lean muscles. You also have to be aware of the time you spend exercising. Body building experts recommend you to finish all the routines in just 75 minutes, otherwise your body falls into a catabolic state wherein there’s nitrogen imbalance and your body needs to make use of muscle tissues to create energy.

How to build lean muscles simply requires a combination of balanced diet, proper workouts and as well as enough rest periods in between.

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The Truth About Weight Gain Pills

2011 September 12
Posted by musclegainnetwork

Your metabolic activities are likely to influence your weight gain rate. The weight gain rate of some people is considerably greater when compared to others. There are also people who always fail in their effort to gain weight.

TV and also the internet can sometimes mislead you will find a variety of products that guarantee weight gain. These come in the form of weight gain pills. With just a single miracle pill that you simply take on a regular basis, you’ll be able to gain weight and also add more mass on your muscle. The truth of the matter is that these weight gain pills do nothing at all on your weight.

Little did most of you are aware that these weight gain pills are certainly nothing but multi-vitamins. This was actually one of several findings of recent studies. This is a shocking truth for the most of you.

All these weight gain pills were just being repacked by other companies but these are actually multivitamins. These so-called weight gain pills would convince you that these work effectively. These pills may somehow be effective because they are multivitamins repacked as weight gain pills.

Nevertheless, these pills cannot assure you to be effective like creatine does. Taking them combined with multivitamins will probably be beneficial in muscle building. Multivitamins are helpful in your attempt to gain weight for the reason that these are filled with micronutrients whose structures are in a cellular level. The body finds it easier to utilize micronutrients as these are in the cellular level. Remember that if your body runs low of merely one mineral, it won’t be able to function properly.

If you are doing strenuous activities, you happen to be more likely to need a daily dose of multivitamins. Taking these multivitamins and adhering to a proper healthy diet would help you gain weight.

Do not also forget the extra calories needed by the body to gain weight. These would help facilitate weight gain. The next time you would come across a seemingly interesting ad on weight gain pills, don’t just get swayed very easily. If you try to examine the key ingredients of these weight gain pills, you’re able to see that they are just the same as multivitamins. Weight gain pills are merely multivitamins that are repacked and made more expensive. Spare the cash and opt for the natural way of gaining weight. Take note that nothing can help you effectively gain weight than a blend of exercise, balanced diet and multivitamins. These offer weight gain hope for those hardgainers around.

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Benefits Of Glutamine That You Must Not Miss

2011 September 8
Posted by musclegainnetwork

For those who are wishing to gain some muscles as well as add weight, taking in numerous kinds of supplements may be just the same thing. But how long are you going to trying out on those supplements just to attain your desired weight and muscle mass? Is it when all of your efforts and money are all wasted?

No doubt, if you have only known glutamine benefits before, you won’t be able to undergo so much searching and waste.

You may have a peek at this list of reasons for you to realize that trying out other supplements is simply a waste of time. Take notice of the glutamine benefits that you may be enjoying in lieu of trying out other products on the market.

Glutamine: Answer to Improved Muscular Recovery

You should be aware that the most important glutamine benefits that you can get is an improved muscular recovery. Glutamine is actually a particular type of amino acid which boosts immunity of your immune system. Through an increase in immune system, it is possible to recover from every workout session you do. You will have more possibility to go to the health club to work out if your muscles are easily revitalized. This means you will be able to get higher frequency workouts with glutamine making it possible to gain muscle better.

Get away with Illness through Glutamine

Another glutamine benefit that you should keep in mind is it cuts down the possibility of illness. As you go on intense workouts, it is definitely normal for you to suffer from illnesses just like flu and colds. This is definitely due to the pressure and strain that your body is experiencing. But when taking Glutamine as part of your diet plan, you will for sure get away with this diseases mainly because Glutamine strengthens your immune system.

Get Rid of Muscle Aches

If you take glutamine, you will probably have lower levels of muscular pain. In fact, this is among the top glutamine benefits that men and women love. Keep in mind, in going after your muscle gain goal, you can’t ever afford to entertain muscle pain. Well, sometimes you can, but nevertheless, it can bring an impact to your moves making your muscle gain progress largely distracted. Using glutamine in your routine to increase muscle mass is really a great support in lessening muscle pains.

Glutamine Great HGH Releaser

Along with the mentioned glutamine benefits, glutamine also increases the release of human growth hormone. HGH is a type of hormone vital in muscle building. That means, the more HGH increase you obtain, the better the opportunity to get into your goal of growing muscle mass.

Takes care of the Intestines and Lessens Muscle Breakage

Improved intestinal health is one of the ideal glutamine benefits to observe. Glutamine surely works wonders in your intestines because it is a kind of amino acid. Additionally, it may also lessen risks of muscle breakdown. All of these benefits are just some of those glutamine benefits that you may enjoy whenever you begin taking in the said supplement. Therefore, have glutamine as part of your daily supplements and you will certainly get the muscle mass that you’ve been dreaming of.

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Know The Right Ectomorph Workout For You

2011 September 7
Posted by musclegainnetwork

Muscle building is really a difficult position. It requires a great deal of effort prior to 1 can easily acquire the results he is long looking forward to. At this time, precisely how considerably tough training session is often but if your body type is lean or ectomorph? Surely, this can truly be way too demanding for you personally, correct?

The reality is that there is a significant difference involving an ectomorph and an average-sized man when considering developing a bulky frame. That is definitely just the good reason why it doesn’t matter how abundant hard work you actually exert inplaying those wheels in exercise center, countless overweight people have be no adjustment with your muscle bulk. It can be clearly normal for this form of person to determine poor final results after all the hardships. Even so, do not let yourself frustrated and there is still high chances for yourself. The moment you start off understanding the right ectomorph workout, you’ll start discovering the body you are thinking for so long.

Here is the correct ectomorph workout method:

Be not be afraid to accept Lower Volume

One error many slim guys do may be the reality they tend to copy exactly what average-sized guys do in terms of getting muscle mass. You need to be conscious when more compared to 1 physical exercise for biceps will be better for them, it just isn’t exactly the same story for you. Thin men like you should avoid volume as a result of your fast-metabolic rate and the body type. Consequently, reduce your training standard. In the right ectomorph workout, merely retain only 3 to 4 exercises every workout in 3 to foursets per exercise.

Take care of the Amount of Level

Because you have lowered the amount, it is merely correct that you should exercise using the intensity because it’s the essential to your dream muscle mass. Realize that the appropriate ectomorph workout suggests greater vividness. One good ectomorph workout is weight lifting because of it makes you are wholly tired upon. 5 to eight reps for every set will work. Add the load on the next set and merely make certain you aren’t sacrificing the right style.

Be Careful on your Physical exercise Selection

Subsequent it is important to take into account is selecting the right exercise for the ectomorph individual like you. Do not get jealous to those men undertaking pump workouts. Leave those for them because you are within a different circumstances. Your recovery capability is limited therefore you have to do workouts which make your entire muscle group move as a lot as possible on 1 time. Exercises which are very best to select are deadlifts, leg press, squats, bench press, and the like.

Is Cardio Instruction A Necessity? The ultimate component that you should not forget on ectomorph workout is the exercise for your heart muscle. Cardio training is utilized by nearly all guys simply because they need it to remain trim. Then again, on your situation, being lean isn’t a problem. Proper exercise as well as diet plan alone will certainly reward you a lot with regards to restoration as well as fat issues.

At this time, you’re already informed about the suitable ectomorph workout to consider. As well as only propose that you may be some steps away in attaining your best body.

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Muscle Building Diet: Growth Factors to Incorporate in Your Diet

2011 September 6
Posted by musclegainnetwork

This is actually the best time to change your routine specially when you have been working too much at the gym but all your efforts lead to vain. In case your diet has gone totally wrong, your all efforts visiting the gym and religiously performing routine exercises still won’t credit. Listed below are the supplements that you need to fuel your muscle building process. muscle building diet

Muscle Building Diet: Set a Diet Calorie Target Plan

If you want to build muscles, you need extra calories. It is possible to build muscles with 16 to 20 calories per body pound. Even so, if you are among those individuals who are so-called hardgainers you then should double the calorie to generate the wanted muscle build up. In addition, it matters for you to set your diet calorie goals.

Muscle Building Diet: Including Protein in Your Diet

Muscle building better occurs if you will load yourself with sufficient protein. You require enough protein to be able to succeed in your goal to build up muscles. Be aware though that you simply need enough of it and there’s no point going excess. The body can’t accommodate excess proteins as it only generates a couple of muscles and the stored protein can no longer be part of muscle building later. The extra proteins are either transformed into energy or stored in the body as fats.

Muscle Building Diet: Yield Extra Muscles with Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates would certainly act as the fuel in muscle generation. Regardless of how loaded your body is with other important nutrients, still the muscle building process wouldn’t be as successful in case you lack carbohydrates. Raising your insulin levels would also call for carbohydrates. With elevated insulin levels, the body will be in a tissue building mode that will be perfect for muscle generation.

But take into account that you simply can’t just grab any carbohydrates off the rack. These must be complex carbohydrates just like whole grains. Both before and after workouts, the body most needs carbohydrates. Thus, you have to load yourself with ample number of carbohydrates.

Muscle Building Diet: Fats are Occasionally Good

a proper diet also requires fats. Actually, the muscle building process needs fats. Fats are necessary in boosting testosterone levels which are usually necessary for muscle building.

It could also be easy for you to maintain your muscle building diet calorie goals because fats contain nine calories per gram. Fats still account for greater calorie in spite of proteins and carbohydrates combined. If you are searching for the healthy source of fats, you could get them from nuts and nut butters and seeds. You can even obtain the essential fatty acids from fish.

Your dietary requirements consist of about five to twenty grams of fat per meal or snack. Now you know that achieving those perfect muscles isn’t just about intensely working out at the fitness center, rather it is more about loading yourself with the essential nutrients necessary for muscle building.

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How Much Time Should You Commit to Improve Your Muscle

2011 September 5
Posted by musclegainnetwork

Muscle building needs lots of patience. You won’t have the ability to achieve that perfect body without enough amount of patience. If you are asking how long does it take to build muscle, you may not probably get a exact answer to that even if you ask your colleagues who have had trainings before. This is true as your muscle gain speed depends a lot on you, all on your own body in particular.

Self-evaluation should be carried out first so as you will be able to give answer on how long does it take to build muscle. Don’t forget, muscle gain speed is dependent on your own characteristics. Your question of how long does it take to build muscle can be positively answered through setting a goal that is certainly realistic for your own body. The same is true by personally knowing the factors on how long does it take to build muscle mass.

The Effects of Training History

Your training history is one factor that may answer your question of how long does it take to build muscle. If you ever used to lift weights on gyms before and begin building muscle now, absolutely, your muscle gain speed will be far slower compared to those who have yet to experience weight lifting programs. The rule of thumb is actually the more experience you have gained during the past, the slower your muscle gain will be since you may have been close to your own generic potential.

The Impact of Your Own Body Type

Another thing that will answer the query of how long does it take to build muscle is usually your own body type. In case you consider yourself being an ectomorph, it is likely that the speed of your muscle gain will be slower compared to those who have normal body types. Those with an ectomorph body type may possibly gain around one to two pounds of dry muscle. However, mesomorphs can gain two or three times than ectomorphs can gain.

In cases of endomorphs, they also have an equal possibilities of muscle gain as with mesomorphs. On the other hand, endomorphs are also very likely to gain fats.

The Benefits of Proper Diet

Perhaps you may get through the right answer to your question regarding how long does it take to build muscle by way of proper dietary observance. You won’t have the ability to gain muscle mass fast if you lack food. Thus, you should load yourself with enough food. Nevertheless, you also have to see to it that you don’t just sit and eat the entire day. This will only make you fat in lieu of gain muscle weight.

The Impact of Recovery Rate

Your recovery rate is an additional factor on how long does it take to build muscle. Think of yourself recovering after two to three days every after one workout session. Will it be possible for you to definitely gain muscle that fast? This only signifies that the greater your recovery rate is, the faster you can get back to the gym and workout for muscle gain.

Hormonal Level’s Impact

Men on their 30′s and 40′s generally have lower level of testosterone than those who are in their late twenties. Meaning, in case you are on your 30′s and 40′s, you may have slower chances of gaining muscle mass than guys in their early 20′s.

You don’t need to be impatient with regard your muscle gain because you are already aware of the factors that may answer your query about how long does it take to build muscle mass. Moreover, you’ll never be lost in your muscle-gaining goal anymore.

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Knowing The Best Supplements For Muscle Gain: A Must For Yourself

2011 September 1
Posted by musclegainnetwork

Who says gaining muscle mass only works right away? Seriously, no one has got ever before accomplished muscle mass that way. Actually, diet and workout only cannot assist you to gain muscles however it should be accompanied while using best supplement for muscle gain. No one can ever get to reach your goals with gaining muscle with diet and workout alone. Supplements are usually important.

Best supplements for muscle gain cannot only be purchased everywhere. Before thinking about any suplement for muscle gain, it is also beneficial to receive several advise from different people.

Before taking on any supplement provided at this time, consider this question first. Are you affected by any kind of lack including bad energy, weak healing, very low testosterone level and the like? Making conscious of this primary could be the primarily critical to your best supplement for muscle gain. In the same way, you’ll be able to understand what the very best muscle development diet must be like.

Generally, there’s no precise health supplement you can find nowadays that’s appropriate to a single person. We occassionally are fooled by the brands on the supplement without even realizing if it is what the body requires. To assist you to know which supplement to consider, listed here is a rundown of the most effective dietary supplements for muscle gain:

Creatine – considered as among the best supplements with regard to muscle gain that’s you can buy available in the market. Apart from the undeniable fact that it does work, this product can make your day-to-day weight lifting exercise manageable regardless of how intensive it might be. That is simply because that Creatine can speed up your energy molecule.

Glutamine – one that’s appropriate for people who have issues on recovery. Glutamine is really a particular type of amino acid that has this role of increasing the immune system. Which means, if you get to use this, you’ll be able to get faster rehabilitation from every intensive gym workout program.

Nitric Oxide – Another very best health supplement with regard to muscle gain that can enhance push and focus is no much more than nitric oxide. You will end up a lot more focused and also prolonged in your exercise if you take Nitric Oxide since it delivers plenty of enthusiasm to help keep you going.

Tribulus – vitamins that is in charge of delivering testosterone which can be responsible for building muscles. Each person, particularly men possess unique testosterone level, thus the speed of muscle growth also is different. Tribulus assists muscle growth as well as healing, which explains why it can be considered to be among the best supplements for muscle gain.

Protein Powder and Fish Oil – Protein powder and also fish oil can be one of the better supplements regarding muscle gain that you could depend on today. Eliminating both these will surely lead you on a bad track. Protein is often a very essential nutrient to our body, specially in getting muscles. Because of protein, you can rest assured that the additional calories you take will not build up as fats but as muscles instead.

Since you’re now conscious about the best supplements for muscle gain, you now realize where to shell out your money wisely. And be ready to see a muscled and well-built body this is physically fit.

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What are the Top Muscle Building Foods that You Ought to Try?

2011 July 25
Posted by musclegainnetwork

If you desire to bulk up and improve muscle mass, then you also have to realize that diet plays is an essential role in your endeavour. Exercise or training programs have to be coupled with the right diet plan to ensure that the body will have enough essential nutrients to pull through intense activities, and this also allows your body to gain more needed nutrients for muscle growth and development. Below, you’ll find a summary of food items that will be beneficial to you as you work at developing muscle mass. muscle building foods

Top Muscle Building Foods: Salmon

Salmon is full of amino acids which are needed for muscle development. This may also be a source of essential fats that will make your body more sensitive to insulin. When the body becomes more sensitive to insulin, the amount of calories from carbohydrates consumed is pushed into muscle cells rather than having calories inside the blood stream or having these deposited as fats. If the program also requires you to consume higher amounts of calories, go for salmon meat because this has a lot of calories, as well as protein.

Top Muscle Building Foods: Oats

It is important to eat appropriate levels of carbohydrates because these are the main sources of energy, which incidentally also hamper fat gain. A great resource of carbohydrates is oatmeal, that is also calorie dense and possesses very low sugar levels. There are several ways to enjoy oats, and one is eating this raw or perhaps having this as part of a protein shake, which also contains other ingredients, for example protein powder and peanut butter. Mainly because oatmeal is fibrous, this also aids in digestion and elimination.

Top Muscle Building Foods: Almonds

These are type of wonderful snack foods that possess a lot of healthy fats. Consuming a couple will already give you 200 calories, therefore these nuts will help you achieve your needed caloric intake daily easily. These are definitely pretty versatile foods because you can use them as salad toppings, eat them with oatmeal, or make them as ingredients to energy bars, together with some dried fruits.

Top Muscle Building Foods: Steak

Eating steak isn’t entirely a no-no although it contains saturated fats. However, consume this reasonably. Steak increases testosterone levels and is also an excellent source of iron which provides energy stores for physical activities. Take a steak maybe twice a week, but select the lean cuts.

Top Muscle Building Foods: Eggs

An egg packs a lot of essential nutrients, for example: iron, calcium, vitamin B6, and folate. Without having any health problems, you may have around 2 to 3 eggs daily, including the yolk. Eggs are wonderful to incorporate in one’s diet as these are cheap and so simple to prepare.

Top Muscle Building Foods: Quinoa

Quinoa is actually a better option to brown rice because this packs more protein and essential nutrients. You can actually increase your intake of quinoa by using this rather than brown rice in dishes that call for the latter.

Top Muscle Building Foods: Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is an excellent source of calcium and protein, specifically casein protein. This kind of protein is digested slowly, so cottage cheese is a nice evening snack because it will make sure that your body gets a good supply of amino acids while you sleep during the night.

Consuming Foods Good for Muscle Building

The food items stated earlier are only among the many types of foods that you can eat to encourage muscle building. Be aware that diet plans play major roles in any sort of food or exercise regimen. Moreover, in order that you’ll be able to check how much calories you consume per day, note caloric consumption so that you can have a better idea in what foods and just how much calories encourage faster lean muscle mass building, whilst deterring fat gains. The best calorie intake should be a gram of protein for each pound of body weight, and a balanced amount of carbohydrates and good fats. If you want good sources of protein, choose those in the list above and don’t forget to select lean cuts. Match these muscle building protein sources with carbohydrates and fats which are slower to digest. Once you make this a habit and agree to such a diet 6 to 8 times per day, you’ll notice muscle growth immediately.

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